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Twin Wall Stove Pipe, Solid Fuel ECO ICID

ICID is a twin wall insulated chimney system specifically designed for use on stoves, class 1 chimneys, residential and small commercial and multi fuel appliances with continuous operating temperatures up to 450°C. The system is designed so that the laser welded 304BA stainless steel outer case is load bearing and the laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner is free to expand independently to accommodate temperature change. It is soot fire resistant.

Our Solid Fuel ECO ICID components are available in the following circumference sizes: 125mm, 150mm and 180mm.

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When fitted with a gasket on the liner spigot at every joint, ICID converts into a twin wall insulated chimney system designed for the new generation of condensing gas and oil appliances. Typically in this form the system can be operated at continuous operating temperatures up to 200°C, short firing up to 260°C and positive pressure up to 200Pa at the appliance outlet.


  • Twist-lock bayonet jointing system. Secured by locking band.
  • Advanced corrosion resistant design and construction uses laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and 304 stainless steel case. The only stainless steel system to have passed the internationally recognised GASTEC corrosion test.
  • The 25mm high efficiency Superwool™ blanket maintains flue gas temperature, maximising efficiency, improving flue draught on start up and minimising condensation.
  • Low external case temperature.
  • Inner liner held rigidly by the male locking collar but free to expand and contract with temperature through the female collar by up to 18mm. Can withstand the temperatures of a soot fire without losing the integrity of the joints.
  • The inner liner has an inward bead at the female end which acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint.
Solid Fuel ECO ICID Installation Solid Fuel ECO ICID Installation


A gasket can be fitted to the bead of the inner liner creating a pressure-tight seal up to 200 Pa for use with condensing appliances.

View this page for some installation details on the ICID chimney system.

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